Why Become a Volunteer with My Serenity Sanctuary (MySS)?

There are several reasons why potential volunteers would be interested in volunteering for MySS! Here are a few compelling reasons to share your time, talent, and treasure with us:

1. Alignment with our mission: Individuals with personal or professional connections with our cause or who strongly believe in up porting the empowerment and well-being of Black women and girls would be drawn to MySS. Our mission focuses on supporting Black women and girls in underserved communities and middle-class women and girls who do not prioritize their emotional, mental, and physical health, those dealing with stress, trauma, fears, or insecurities, and those challenged with confidence or self- esteem.

2. Sense of purpose: Volunteering offers a sense of purpose by allowing individuals to contribute their time, talent, and treasure towards a cause they deeply care about. MySS is dedicated to uplifting Black women and girls who can resonate with people who wish to be part of positive societal change and make a lasting impact.

3. Personal growth and learning: Volunteering provides opportunities for personal growth and development. By engaging with MySS, volunteers will broaden their understanding of the unique challenges and joys experienced by Black women and girls. They will also acquire or enhance skills in advocacy, self-care practices, and community-building, which can be valuable for their personal and professional lives.

4. Building relationships and community: Volunteering with MySS fosters connections with like-minded individuals with similar alues and passions. As a volunteer, individuals are able to meet and collaborate with others committed to the well-being and empowerment of Black women and girls, creating a sense of community and support.

5. Making a difference: MySS work directly impacts the lives of Black women and girls by offering support, resources, and dvocacy. Potential volunteers will find fulfillment knowing their efforts can make a tangible difference, helping uplift and reate positive change within the community.


We appreciate your interest in getting involved and volunteering with My Serenity Sanctuary. As a new and dynamic organization, we are excited to find a place for you. We are looking for all types of backgrounds, experiences, and skill sets to support our mission.

If you are passionate about self-care and wellness and interested in volunteering in some capacity, please indicate your interest on the form below, and we will contact you. Again, thank you for your interest in supporting our work in providing space to support the Self and Being of Black women and girls everywhere!

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